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Change your environment, change your life.

Work more productively with your new friends at Victoria’s top-rated coworking space.


Step 1: Book a tour with our community manager.

Step 2: Try us free for a day.

Step 3: Choose a membership plan and join a bunch of cool people every day
for great convos, great food, and all the productivity you can muster.


By coworking with us, you can:

• break down barriers between industries and collaborate in new ways

• expand your network and become the connector amongst your friends

• share best practices in your industry, accelerating social change through cross-pollination of information

• learn new skills through The Watershed programming and community connections

• increase your resilience to change by building meaningful community with other bright, sincere, creative people

• create a fertile environment for serendipity— that moment when everything changed!


Why choose our coworking space?

The Watershed is home to Canada’s leading collaborative design firm, Watershed Partners. By making collaborative tools accessible to a broader group of community stakeholders we improve conditions for success across the Victoria business ecosystem. Your membership with us also works in our Toronto space!


Who do we serve best?

• remote workers
• start-ups with small teams
• university students
• freelancing designers, developers, writers, photographers, scientists— we’ve even had physicists work out of our spaces!


Learn more about our space here, or skip right to memberships.

To book a tour or redeem a free trial voucher email Community Manager Natasha Clark.

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You’ll find Watershed Coworking on the fifth floor at 1112 Fort Street, located in a prime area of downtown Victoria, BC. We’re situated along major transit routes, surrounded by fantastic restaurants, cafes, fitness facilities and perched above the city for stunning views of the Olympic Mountains in Washington State.